I yearn for the salty breath of the ocean & the healing caresses of the sea. Regular meditation helps re-callibrating me back to me. So too does strolling, sitting & drinking in the energy of wide open spaces.

There’s nothing so restorative as just watching the world go by.

Upturned faces openly embrace the warmth of the sun. A couple suddenly turn & point at something in the distance. A ball is chased gleefully by a bevvy of Lowri terriers. A lone woman looks for treasures as her reflection scissors across wet sands.

The perpetual rhythm of the waves soothes with its reminders to relax, let go & just be.

A distant roar thunders past. It’s an unrecognisable beast of train, plane & juggernaut combined but I can see no evidence of any of those things.

My feet sink into the softness of wet sand. Tree stumps rooted in ancient history memorialise the space between land & ocean; an ever shifting demarcation of old meeting new.

The thundering roar passes again.

I watch the waves in their unceasing pursuit to manifest their own natural potential. Crystal clear waters catch the light & decorate the sandy ripples below with a transient finery. Patterns in nature fascinate as they endure.

Four jets fly over in formation. The sounds now make sense. They act as a timely reminder that higher forces are at play in our world today. The relentless waves of change are carving new landscapes everywhere & we need to be so much more mindful.

Technology is speeding along its path of advancement. An integral part of our every day, it constantly listens, learns & evolves. We must be conscious that it is us humans that sets it upon its path. Every day is a choice; is it a day for war or for peace? This is more than teaching a child not to swear. It is a path of demonstrating & so leading in compassion & empathy.

A toddler skips across shell-filled pools.

A timely reminder to play in the light of innocence & joyful simplicity.
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