I sit on the edge of a bridge crossing a steep, wooded ravine. I’m on holiday! A stream tickles rocks round-crowned with luxuriant mosses. The water here is clearly never a raging torrent & yet it has still carved an impressive gorge into the hill. Persistence wins.

Bridges, so wonderfully symbolic, help us to cross from one side to another, one world to another, one life to another.

The air is still. The trees stand as expectantly as an audience but I feel that their rapt attention is already held by more ancient notes. The hills resonate with their own exotic melodies if we are willing to be still & listen.

Our recent move will no doubt play on my mind for some time. I still hear the white rooms echo harshly in their emptiness - they’ve become wombs devoid of life. Like any new born infant pushed into the harsh reality of the world, our new life is heavily dependent on us for survival.

We imbibe a cocktail of grief & celebration although the mourning of the past is yet to be fully felt. The future glows with promise & unsullied innocence. We gladly focus on the opportunity to do things differently, nurturing newly formed ideas with a maternal care.

Our society has become massively disconnected with quests for status, wealth & success. Previously, we sought out those things too but our maturity yearns for quieter things.

I crave feeling into a life that is centred around peace & contentment. The rush of extreme rollercoasters of our loud ‘civilised’ world just don’t inspire but instead make me shrink back to a vision of a quiet woodland retreat where nature’s thrills incite delight & inspiration.

It is not the time to perform but instead be still with the rocks & oaks of the ancient woodland; listen to the song of the earth; hear the notes that resonate deep inside us so that our own heart’s song may be heard. Until then, silence shall prevail.

In the meantime, we need to build a bridge.
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