I am in a conundrum. Many people know that I am not a woman of few words and whilst I have the abilities to come up with short, pithy statements on occasion, I am really struggling with coming up with a decent title for my book. It is not a massive missive, just a mini-e-book which gives me an excuse to write something longer than a 300 word blog. I thought I would have a go at doing a bit of crowdsourcing by appealing to you for some help and suggestions.

I do of course want something catchy without it being cheesy. I would like it to convey what the book is about but I am also open to ideas about something quirky that gets people wondering too – as long as they wander with their wonderings in the right direction. I absolutely do NOT want something that is Americanised hype that over-promises cure-alls for all marketing ills.

The book is about how I create marketing strategies by focusing on the relationships with customers. There is a ‘ten stage guide’ in part of it but it is not solely a ten step guide. It is only about 30-40 pages so just hints at a smidgeon of what I could say. Although it does talk about a few ‘how-tos’ the title can’t make big promises about being the answer to everyone’s marketing prayers.

It is very much about the holistic nature of paying attention to people as valuable individuals from the moment that they come into our lives ’til essentially ‘death us do part’.

I do go through each of the stages of the customer journey touching on how we can attract and nurture the attention of the people who are most likely to be our ideal clients and how we can create ways of growing our businesses and making them sustainable. The fact that I am only touching on these subjects is an important consideration so again, the title can’t promise to explain it all.

One of the things that I am keen to convey is how we can tackle that big no-mans land in between getting the attention using social media and converting it into actual sales. The other is about the life-time value of our customers and how ‘adding value’ and great customer service can transform a one-time wonder cash sale into a long term highly treasured relationship.

So what do you think makes a good book title? How would you decide? And most important of all …… what ideas and suggestions do you have?

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