Profit is sanity. Turnover is vanity. Neither are worth the inky paper they are written on if you do not have a manageable cashflow. If the money isn’t flowing where it needs to when it needs to, then you are sunk.

Personally I come from the mindset that great business is about adding immense value to the customer first rather than obsessing about the numbers. I find money is not a great motivator but helping people is.

My goals for this year are about supporting as many people as I can. The intention is to enable them to gain a level of social literacy which will help them to earn a living from doing what they love. It is more about personal empowerment and using social media to connect with the people who matter most than about making sales. However, money is still an important and vital ingredient.

Question is how do you manage your finances so that you are not tripped up by scenarios like this …. loads of orders in the order book, promises of lots of dollars being sent (owed) and a ton of lolly going out regardless of whether it is in your account in the first place?

Bristol Boardroom is on Wednesday this week and it would be a surprise if we didn’t talk about money at some point in the evening although thankfully it is not always desperate but about getting better solutions to managing the finances. If you are juggling finances then a trip to this city could very well be your saving grace.

Think about this ….. six members averaging twenty years business experience. A lot of man hours, love, sweat and tears discovering and learning. That is an awesome amount of talent to tap into in one session and if you are in the spotlight – it can be an incredibly powerful experience.

So how is your cashflow? Is it as healthy as you would like? How are you turning your passion into a viable financially fluid business?

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