A wonderfully passionate TED talk by Scott Dinsmore who chose to go on a journey to find work that he loves. All that he talks about it just as applicable to entrepreneurship as it is to being employed.

Through learning about ourselves, we can find the prime motivators that make us passionate about what we do. Whilst to many that is nothing new, I do like his phrase “Live your legend” I think that is quite an awesome concept. 

He shares a similar focus on becoming a self-expert, identifying our own strengths, values and experiences to help you find OUR definition of success. The goal is to do the impossible and inspire possibility until what was impossible becomes normal.

The wake up call that he had to get him out of his job he didn’t enjoy … was hearing Warren Buffet say that taking jobs to build your resume is the same as saving up sex for old age. How true is that? I think that statement is enough to make many of us stop and think and more than likely change what we don’t like about our lives.

I am now curious about what you are doing to  ‘live your legend’!

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