A honing skill that is hard to describe. Incredibly intuitive, sensitive and focused.

Jun 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

I’ve been working my own business for near on 12 years now.  The first 5 of those years were within the framework of a partnership and the last 7 on my own. During that time I’ve always felt the need for the support of a Business Coach / Mentor. At the moment due to a sense of immediacy in moving my business forward towards something that I can ultimately sell, I’m once again at an intersection and that is why I took Georgina’s offer up for the consultation.

The odd thing here is that, as a rule I’m not one who struggles to string a sentence together, but I am battling to find adequate words with which to describe the connection that was made between Georgina and myself during our recent Skype session.  Other than the fact that she came across as incredibly intuitive, sensitive and focused, her energy was uplifting.  Right from the get go, after I had presented part of my dilemma to her, she discerned exactly what it was I needed to do – and that was to ‘just let go’ of the tension that had built up during the course of the past week. Tensions that were internally tying me up in a knot.

Once that was done, we were able to proceed with much more ease.  Georgina has a honing skill that is hard to describe.  It feels like a laser beam that penetrated my mind, intent on cutting through the clutter, creating a space within  which to move.  For me the added bonus and benefit was the fact that she has personal experience of the type of market that I need to once again penetrate. Which for me is a rare find in a coach.

At the end of our time together, I felt complete relief and knew that Georgina is someone that I would be more than happy to work with in the future, the kinda of support I need in my team.

Rose McClement – Design Monarchy

I had been quietly waiting for Rose to come forward after she had expressed an interest in having a coaching session. I didn’t know why but I could tell that our session was going to be interesting. When she did, I immediately felt at home in that she is in the business of luxury interior design, something that I know a bit about however I could also sense that there were other exciting avenues to explore.

Clearly there were a lot of decisions on the table and that they were causing a fair amount of confusion. Having run this very successful business for a number of years, Rose was beginning to think about longer term plans. The aim was getting things running in ways that didn’t require her input constantly allowing her to enjoy her other passion – writing. With more the one opportunity available, it was a question of which to focus on to get her to where she ideally would like to be.

There are definitely aspects of the business that make Rose come alive which can only mean that she is meant to keep doing what she loves and that is being creative. As we talked more, I began to get a feel for the parts of the business that didn’t energise her in anywhere near the same way. As with all intelligent creatives, it is so easy to fall into the trap of doing because we can rather than doing because we are in love with what we are doing. Listening to how Rose works as an interior designer and hearing about how she loves working on luxury hotel projects, kind of made me want to jump in and have some fun too. The same could be said about her creative writing which has an energy of its own like the stories can’t wait to be told. I now can’t wait to read them.



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