Hedges scribe their messages across the green landscapes as deftly as Chinese calligraphers make their ink-filled brushes dance across the empty white scapes of their scrolls.

The blank canvas is as wide as the sky and as deep as the ocean. The whiteness demands more than the superficial daubs of paint pulled from a colourful palette of whim and fantasy. It expects inspirations as vast as the Universe but as intimate as the secret whispers held on our tongue.

The first lines sketched must be scribed with a conviction in the vision. Strong trees do not grow in soils of doubt. We may not know how to paint the final picture or how many layers of colour must be plied to convey the depths of intent.

What is the vision? What is the message? What is the legacy?

Artists will sketch ideas practicing their art over years of observation, experimentation and study. Each iteration merely a rehearsal for the next.

Ultimately the message for all of us is “BE ME!” No dialogue, debate or discourse designed to divert. Simple but this level of truth trembles with its own terrors.

Never mind the concerns that no one will buy the painting and the emaciated artist ends their days starved of appreciation and recognition. There are deeper fears than this.

The choice for truth means that there is no one person or circumstance to blame for never having fully manifested our most magnificent potential.

Who can ever be brave enough to follow that path?

Fear and uncertainty push out the boundaries of self belief. They expand possibilities.

I too must have faith in the years of repeated practice as I have toiled over one mission or another. I need to trust the master within to paint the first brushstrokes with confidence.

As I write this a new path appears and I know where I must go next. I’m not sure how to get there but I trust that the way will become clear. One step at a time. One moment at a time. One brushstroke at a time.
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