Now …. (if you want to just get to the pretty pictures – watch the video below!) ……… it could be argued that the power of technology has meant that social media facilitates the pushing out of the boundaries of decency and modesty perhaps a little too far. However, it does give rise to some imaginative ways in which we can promote our wares.  😉

Of course, being involved in the world of fashion, I am always curious about how different fashion businesses embrace the way in which social media can raise awareness of the various brands in the market place. Some are more successful than others of course, but they are certainly getting more creative!

La Senza have devised rather an interesting way to promote their range of women’s lingerie. it has been said that they have targeted this to men wanting to buy their women something special for Christmas. If that was their aim then they have probably got it right.

The question is what do you think? Is this tasteful or just tasty? Is it clever or ….. not?

Boys allow me to introduce you to The Cup Size Choir! This is just for you!

(By the way girls – if there is anything that takes your fancy – then you now have a means to offer a hint or two about what you want for Christmas!)

Oh and by the way – this is highly interactive. You are allowed to ‘play’ with the girls and record your own tune! Be warned though – once they start – they don’t stop!

Have fun!

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