Guidelines and expectations for Introductory Coaching Sessions

These guidelines are in addition to anything that has already been sent to you. Regardless of whether you have booked to have a business development and marketing session or are seeking some time discovering possibilities in your own personal development, these guidelines still apply.

How I work

Intuitively, creatively and logically with positive intention and business minded practicality. I follow a very intuitive process of listening to what surfaces in the moment and logically discern the relevance of what has emerged. Creative freedom is fully encouraged as it is followed by an offering of practical solutions that make sense to you.  

It begins with intent and follows with allowing the maximum potential to emerge. When needed we will also look at understanding anything that reveals itself as being an obstacle or challenge stopping the process of aligning to your highest purpose.

Your feedback throughout the whole process is vital to ensure that you get the most of our time together. It is important that you express your needs and what you hope to achieve to ensure that we focus on the highest possible outcomes.

Before we start

Please write a brief description of where you are and what you are working on at the moment. It only needs to be a couple of sentences outlining the main focus of your thoughts and needs and what you hope to get out of this session.

For business development and marketing sessions, please prepare relevant details of your business including marketing materials, social media links, website, etc..

Please email them to me at preferably in plenty of time for me to read it before we get together. 

 It is also a good idea to have the financial details of your business to hand such as sales, turnover, projected turnover etc. in case they become relevant to our discussions in our session. You do not need to email these to me.

Be prepared!

This isn’t about homework, this is about being in the right frame of mind. I intend to show up and be present in the most appropriate way and for you to get the most out of these sessions – you need to do so as well.

This is about aligning to your life purpose and how you express who you are to the world. There is nothing more important than this.

If necessary write down one sentence, thought, word or idea describing what you would like to get out of our time together. Please convey this to me at the beginning of our session.


Prior to our session!

It is a good idea to set up early before our conversation.


Clear space around you, clear the decks, create a sanctity of space in which you will be while we talk.


Clear thoughts and step outside of the noise of everyday life. The noise has a relevance which can only be discerned in the moments of silence.


Enjoy a moment of quiet breathing to still the busyness of work, chores, duties, distractions and obligations.

Set Intentions

What is it that you would really like to achieve? What would you like to get out of our session together?

Detach from outcomes

Expect the unexpected.While you may wish for a certain result, the results we get will always be for good reason.

Trust the process

I’ve been doing this for a long time and experience has taught me that sometimes very random, seemingly disconnected things come up. We might take a while to connect the dots, but there will be a connection.




When we allow things to unfold naturally, there is often an order in what seems like chaos. Distractions and disruptions can occur and that’s ok. You can guarantee that there will be a reason why they happen.

Embrace Vulnerability

Respect and honour the moments when emotions, memories and obstacles bubble up to the surface. They are there for a reason. Our job is to ascertain why they have emerged. The questions we will ask are, what purpose they have served for you and is it time to step into the next phase of development and progress?


These sessions are invariably light, fun and creative. Even if we hit upon a sticky patch which often happens when we look at obstacles and challenges, we will get back on track to where the joy is soon enough!

After our session

There is as much value to be found before we even begin as well as in the time that follows.Take a moment for yourself so that you can assimilate the best of the experience and learning. Then let go! This isn’t about slavishly following my advice, but instead it is more about taking from my shared experiences and expertise what you need next to follow your path and do what is right for you.

Rules of the Game!

My intentions are purely to shed some light on what’s next for you.

Trust is a two way agreement in which I promise to not ‘sell’ to you and I expect that you will show up with the right intentions too.

If we are drawn to work together after this introductory session and create something longer term, then it is only as a natural outcome of us making a genuine connection.

There is no judgement only empathy, compassion and a desire to empower. It does not serve me for you to be put into or to remain in a state of disempowerment. It serves me to see you fly.

I do not ever promise miraculous transformations and magical solutions. I do intend to offer the best reflections I can in the time given and offer the knowledge and expertise that is the most relevant to the moment.

Confidentiality. ALL sessions and anything that is shared or discussed between us, stays that way. Everything is treated as confidential unless otherwise stated.

Working Together – In Business, Marketing and Personal Development.

This session is designed to give you a taster of my working style and for us to ascertain whether we are right fit for each other. My approach is about co-creating something magical. With that in mind I have a variety of projects and offerings which provide plenty of opportunity to work together. If something resonates, feel free to reach out and talk to me about the options.

1-2-1 coaching can either be set up and booked in blocks of six sessions or on an ongoing retainer basis arranged monthly. One off sessions as and when needed are also possible.

Group mentoring and coaching. Every so often, I will set up a new group of people who will be a part of a small close-knit confidential community which meet regularly – generally once a month to discuss the issues of the day. Some groups meet more frequently for examples those working on course materials or training programmes.

Online and offline courses, workshops and training are held in different parts of the world periodically throughout the year.

Training to be an Associate or Ambassador

If you would like to apply to join our year long training programme and be a part of our team of associates please do get in touch. The application process will be announced shortly with details of what is included in the project. The training includes a combination of 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching, training classes, live projects and a portfolio of training materials, templates and so on.

This opportunity is ideally suited to someone looking to expand on their already established coaching, consulting and mentoring services or those who are looking to set up new business offering products and/or services in the fields of marketing, business development and/or personal development support. Please note that there is an investment required and an expectation that you will be able to commit time to fulfill the requirements of the training. It is expected that the training will be able to offer you the support you need to serve your chosen niche industry and personal interests.


They are always appreciated. You can leave a testimonial on my website at, my Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.


If you feel that you have had value from this session then you might like to contribute to my ‘Pay-it-Forward’ scheme which goes towards those who have yet to manifest their wealth abundance. If this appeals to you, just let me know whether you would like to pay for someone in particular to have a session or just send a payment to my Paypal account with the reference ‘Pay-it-Forward’ for anyone I regard as worthy of sponsorship.

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