I have recently been offering free web space to individuals and businesses who have products and services to offer to other individuals and businesses. My website theme is Arts in Wales but as I am taking a holistic approach, I am incorporating anything that a person might need to remain healthy and sane to help retain their inspiration and motivation for doing well in life as well as their enterprising endeavours.

And I have been somewhat surprised by the reaction I have got.

Amongst us champion networkers we are used to communicating using the written word. We get that, if we build relationships by networking with a huge variety of people from around the world, we build potential business with those who are outside of our normal circle of clientèle. It is exciting and invigorating not knowing who you might meet around the next cyber corner. However, it seems that the plight of the artist who is not keen on marketing themselves is not exclusively claimed by the creatives of this world. There is evidence of a great reticence amongst many of us shy and retiring human beings (?) to actually tell others about what we do or worse still a terror that we might be expected to sing very loudly from the highest roof tops about how wonderful we are. A problem particularly prevalent amongst us reserved Brits.

Some can talk about their work face to face quite easily and can even cold-call without any compunction of intruding into another’s life. They are highly skilled at selling their services but what I have found so surprising is that not everyone is so comfortable writing about it. This fact in itself has made me appreciate the services of writers who do the job for them.

Cold calling on a stranger is one thing – but at least you have our various languages to interpret how someone might react to us and any statements we might make. Regardless of whether it verbal, intonation, style of language and expressions they use, body language, eye contact, the condition and style of their home and/or surroundings, the sights and sounds of their environment, even the smell of them can all tell us so much about a person before we even introduce ourselves and ascertain which is the most appropriate step to take to strike up a conversation. To consider throwing out our sales pitch into a potential black hole, with the hope of someone finding it and reading it is perhaps quite daunting. To have thousands of people we will never meet read about what we do in the hopes of a small percentage buying into our products and services seems so much more overwhelming. Some definitely take to it better than others..

The other question that has arisen is – How can you tell them what they can get if you don’t know what they want? It seems that there is again little comprehension that we, who are doing the telling can actually choose what we offer and it is up to those who want what we have to approach us. It is our opportunity to carve out our specialist niche in the way that we most desire. There are enough variables in the world for sufficient people to exist that even the most weird and bizarre will find like minded souls who are going to warm to their personal quirks and idiosyncrasies. It is a case of ensuring that we publish that information in the most appropriate places.

So now I pose the question to you. How do you sell yourself in the intangible world of the internet? Do you write your own copy? Do you create your own leaflets? Do you use the services of a copy writer or a technical author to do it for you? Would this offer of free web space to market yourself to a niche market appeal to you – would you jump at the chance or shy away?

And if you want to take a peak at this particular project in development go to Arts Wales UK


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