They say that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. I’m inclined to agree. Preparation is a much to do with focus as it is with the planning to achieve certain objectives. Others seem to feel that luck is something much more random than that.

To be lucky seems to many to be fortunate. To the outsider lurking in the realms of the unlucky, it can be a heady realm that is as far away as Atlantis is from this world. Some will at times, give away their power in the expectation that luck will bail them out or provide some magical solution to all of life’s challenges.

How often we hear people say things like ..

With my luck, I’ll probably (insert own interpretations of disaster)?

Or …

They only got successful because they got lucky?

Or something like …

The lucky sod (s)he got the lot (exchange for whatever enviable great fortune that might be)!

Wishing someone luck might be about putting good vibes someone’s way but for many it seems that it can be a fairly meaningless phrase that actually has no impetus to impact anything that might occur.

Why wait for luck? Why not take destiny and luck by the horns and make things happen?

People seem to bow to the idol called luck and expect to get rewarded somehow. That doesn’t seem logical even if you do believe in positive thought.

How much do you give your power away in anticipation of either being the victim of bad luck or the winner of good luck?

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