Getting back to basics. Learning how to paint again as a complete beginner. It’s a bit like coming back to the piano after not playing for years, doing scales and arpeggios wake the cells up to remembering how to play music. After rather too many years, it’s astonishing to realise how much I’d learned before, or not. For now though I’m just playing with colour and getting to know my paints again which I haven’t conversed with for about thirty years. Suffice to say that they are a bit dusty!! Like my artist’s brain is rusty! Thankfully I’m not hung up in replicating anyone else’s style as I enjoy seeing what the paints want to do naturally. Serendipity has a hand in all our artistic endeavours making it so much more exciting. #art #watercolour #painting #design #serendipity #stainedglassdesign

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