Gates intrigue me. They’re generally just a practical means to go from one defined area to another. Some have the allure of something much more magical inviting us to explore.

I looked at the path I’d just climbed. The old iron gate, an accidental echo of an ancient portal, is framed by two great guardian oaks. I had not noticed that I’d stepped through the portal until I looked back.

So many times in life we don’t appreciate the significance of the changes we’ve been through until we turn to see how far we’ve come.

Seven years ago everything that I knew had become so broken that I lost everything. My dreams were buried in the many graves of family pets who were the bedrock of the love and sanity in our home. The home was lost too. This was a portal so vast I could not see its summit.

I was then teaching people that no business could ever succeed unless it was imbued with the very essence of soul authenticity. Ironically no matter how I slaved over my business, nothing worked. I was not doing MY soul work. And it was making me sick. So many rugs were pulled out from underneath me that I could have opened a carpet shop. My inner victim had a field day.

But then I gained the world.

The new can only breathe into space created by letting go of what no longer serves us. Only then can we create a life that supports us wholeheartedly.

I now find myself staying at a place belonging to a friend who had stayed with me seven years ago to the day.

This cycle is now complete.

The energy of our world right now feels indescribably huge. How we adapt is going to impact the centuries to come and the legacy we leave. It is up to us to choose what is right for us.

A breeze stirs the branches of the great oaks. The portal breathes out a rush of blessings confirming it’s time to build the new dream and a new home. I’m grateful to have traveled so far.
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