Fields of gold glisten with magic. The sun set on another day of packing. The breath of gold restores my tired limbs & somewhat fried brain. Chaos is gradually being brought to order. I look forward to doing the final sweep-through scooping up the stray objects that have escaped me. Nearly there. When I went to Bali, I was fascinated by the mass exodus from hotels, clubs & restaurants as thousands of people congregated on the beaches poised with their cameras and phone just to watch the sunset. It was like they’d never seen a sunset before. What was the big deal? Memories reminded me that not all places are equal. On a trip to New Zealand I decided one early morning to sit outside & breathe in a true kiwi dawn. I waited & I waited. And I waited. Yes the sun lit the sky but there was no drama. No spectacle or glorious rosey fanfare. The mountainous horizon robbed us of the explosion of light as the golden orb appeared over the curvature of the earth. Sunsets here are incredible as they expand into the open views of sea & sky. Nothing interferes with the Sun God’s magic. It takes our breath away every time. The thousands of photographs taken over the last 21 years are a testament to that. They definitely rival the paradise sunsets of Bali’s beaches. True wealth lies within the appreciation of what is. I’m so fortunate to be able to see that. I feel the Gods appreciating me. I appreciate them. I LOVE being alive. Life’s richness resides in all that has been. I have not only survived but flourished & thrived despite many challenges & turbulent times. I can take this anywhere I go. The house is busy today as we move more stuff out & the new owners move in & they begin to make their mark. It is an extraordinary situation for past & new owners to occupy the space together. House moves are notoriously stressful - as traumatic as a death & the ensuing grief. The grace with which we are facilitating the transition is unique. It is truly an enlightened dance flowing from past, present to the future. I can take this anywhere I go too. .⁣ .⁣ #grace #inspiration⁣ #transition⁣ #mindset #positivevibes #bethechange #changeyourmindset #change #happy #changeyourlife

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