Beware the attention tumours, the cancerous growths that consume us from within fed by an easy access to influences which endorse the fact that our fears must be very real. Social media magnifies our fears to the extent that we can be forgiven for forgetting that we are peering into the microscope of humanity and lose sight of the room in which we reside.

One could argue that humanity itself is on the cusp of facing its deepest fears. The loss of power. The loss of love. The loss of soul even the loss of its very existence having been abandoned by its God as it stares obliteration in the face.

Why do I say that?

It may or may not have anything to do with ancient prophecies and that Mayan calendar runs out in 2012, there are many who are facing a very real need to address the things they fear before it puts out their light. Economic struggles across the globe starve us of hope that we can ever feel and taste abundance and affluence again. Massive natural disasters rear up before us as unstoppable monsters that have a power to wipe out whole clusters of cities and communities in one blow – its force greater that the whole of humanity itself. As innocent bystanders all we can do is sit and watch in horror at the atrocities as they unfold before us filling us with a sense that Armageddon will surely happen.

If you fear it, it will come. Beware. It will consume you.

If you fear illness, famine, and poverty – you will see cancer, emaciation and squalor.
If you fear death, violence and violations against humanity. You will see it.
If you fear being obliterated by a tidal wave of despair and disaster then that is what will fill your heart and soul.
If you fear being abandoned by God himself then you will surely find the proof that that will happen.

Social media gives us a view on the world which is intensely focused. It is deep, down and dirty. It is right up close and personal. No longer do we see a bird’s eye view as the TV helicopter swoops in for the killer story. Instead we experience the sordid tragedy of it all looking directly through the eyes of people just like you and me.

Vicarious has become a new reality.

My fears? My fear is that you will not see the fears for what they really are and that you will be so consumed by them that you become too terrified to shine your light and be all that you can be. Perhaps I fear that for myself too.

However, there comes a time in our lives when we need to face our fears and look them squarely in the eyes and get to know them for what they really are. Perhaps they are real. Perhaps they are not. To me the only way to free ourselves is to befriend our fears, understand them and learn to love them. Perhaps we can even turn them into excitement and embrace the thrill of the ride experiencing success against all odds.

What do you think? Can you do that?

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