I believe in having an open door policy welcoming ALL who wish to connect me on whichever platform suits them. Valuable conversations introduces me to incredible people and I love it. That leads to LOTS of connections.

However, I do worry about the way that some platforms view the way we connect with people who matter. I believe that as humans we are already connected and the digital handshake is merely an acknowledgement of our place in the world and our connectedness. This is a Universal truth. A right for all humans that should not be under the jurisdiction of one controlling force. Especially not one that looks like Facebook.

Several people over the last couple of weeks have been bemoaning the fact that they have been put into Facebook jail. I did wonder whether they were in some kind of obsessive-repetitive-frenzy of hitting that ‘Add Friend’ button to get blocked so easily? It seems not!

Yesterday I was going through my friend requests! Facebook comes up with its useful suggestions of “Other People you might know” With over 60,000 followers in various places – it does not surprise me if I recognise people across the networks. So I will occasionally hit that “Add Friend” button. Hmm – not such a good idea it seems. Whilst I used to be much more proactive, I have now reached a level of ‘critical mass’ at which people come to me.

Now though I have been slammed into social klink for two weeks. It might be that I have a lot of outstanding friend requests but of course I can’t tell now. For the moment though, I can’t send friend requests in that time – doesn’t matter if I am on snogging terms with them or not. Can’t send messages in case of spam – which is actually a joke because I prefer direct email with real people anyway. Can’t do? Bonkers!

So be warned if you are dependent on communicating to your customers via Facebook chat, message, etc. then don’t push the boundaries out too far. You might find yourself in jail too.

I personally feel Facebook could do with some lessons on how to use social media more effectively – bit ironic I know but perhaps a bit of advice from Coca Cola might help them. Do you think that I am wrong?

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