Everything is a gift. Manifesting our purpose

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Every moment is a window into the soul. Everything outside is a reflection of what is within. Each feeling inside is a clue as to what is either resisting what is in your current reality – or accepting and going with the flow of your truth. 

Every experience in life is a treasure creating your very own perpetual machine moving you from the dark of pain, ignorance and blindness to the light of freedom, understanding and insight. 

The gems of compassion, empathy and forgiveness fuel us towards our ultimate destiny where we travel freely as we fulfil our purpose and live our dream existence. 

The more that we blame, ridicule and fight  against what is happening to us the more that we push ourselves away from the freedom of living in the natural flow of who we were meant to be all along.

So for every irritation and annoyance, we can learn acceptance and become more patient knowing that ultimately the irritations will resolve. For every pain, we can celebrate that this is a signal that we have fallen out of alignment but also appreciate the suffering of others showing them compassion and empathy. For every setback, rejection and unwanted outcome, we can take a moment and be grateful for the opportunity to reevaluate our choices and the direction in which we travel.

Not everything has to be a challenge. We do not always have to do battle with the injustices of the world. If anything our constant ranting and railing against all that is wrong, manifests more of the same.  The goal is to recognise the struggle and find the elegance and beauty of the moment highlighting the lessons and insights guiding us to a more peaceful existence. 

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