At least that is what I have discovered! About ten years ago – things were full of hope, promise and expectation. I had plans. Big plans. And I was excited.

Ten years later – did I achieve what I set out to achieve? Some of it – yes – very definitely! But there are gaps – big gaps in what I wanted to do.

I wondered why!

The other day I had a realisation – that I have all the creativity in the world to make magical images of what could be. I have the drive and tenacity to make things happen. Willingness to find ways, creative ways to find alternative routes should traditional avenues not empower me to do what I set out to do. I can work long hard hours – very long hours to do what is necessary.

So why did it not work?

I was the only one who believed in my dreams. The only one who could see the vision in my head of what could be achieved. Not fluffy fantasies of winning the lottery or lazing around in some exotic paradise. These were ambitions of seeing the world, making a difference and enjoying the journey. But ….

Family had other ideas, their own dreams.

Friends were scared of ….. outrageousness, pushing out the boundaries of expectations, falling over, being different ….

Clients just wanted me to do a job – to make them rich probably.

Suppliers just wanted my money – to make them rich probably.

None of them could see what I could see.

Am I going to let that happen again?

Hell no! I am walking towards my goal. Working hard to achieve what I want to achieve.

My focus? Find others who believe in something special. Share my world with them. Encourage them to share their world with me. Go to mastermind groups regularly to test out my ideas. Find ways to support others with their goals and ambitions. Then between us make all our visions become a reality.

Are you willing to share and believe to help everyone achieve their dreams? To be the best that we can be?

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