Going out to play golf has been one of the many highly effective ways of being seen in the right community of people who can advance your career. Health clubs, spas, the race course, polo grounds, Round Table, the Rotary Club and the more secretive organisations like the Masons. They look after the ‘who’ we know so that the ‘what’ we know can get us the best jobs.

There are many discussions about Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest particularly when it comes to getting business and making sales. Businesses that supply direct to customers are just beginning to find ways of doing that.

Businesses which are designed to supply and service the needs of other businesses are really struggling. They are finding it incredibly hard to make the transition! Personally I think that they are approaching it in the wrong way and with the wrong mindset.

Big deals often happen on the business green of the golf course or at the edge of the polo ground or at the ropes of some other event. I have seen millions exchanged on a handshake over a glass of something in the melee of a roaring crowd. Not surprising when you understand the relationship backing the deal.

When a person’s reputation is at stake then the choice between a cold pitcher and someone we know and trust is a no brainer. Heart felt connections hold the value.

Being on the golf course is not just about doing business either. You can learn a lot about people and how they might behave when interacting in a social or sporting environment. How do they respond when they win, lose or are a part of a team? Is their behaviour a likely indicator of how they will behave in a professional capacity?

Are you likely to do business with the guy who throws a tantrum slamming his clubs down if he loses or the one who laughs it off and enjoys the game regardless of how well he scores?

How many of you belong to a club or association that appears to be social but is actually an incredibly important part of your business networking?

How can that be replicated or emulated online?

Are you doing this already and getting results?

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