There are plenty of people who think that they will be happy if only they could win the lottery. Thankfully I am not one of them. Why gamble with our happiness when the odds are so against us winning?

There are too many who think that they can be happy once they become successful and so work like dogs to try to achieve the badges and trophies that prove that they have ‘made it’.

It’s always time to live for the moment. Time to reach for the things that we can enjoy right now regardless of how ‘successful’ we perceive ourselves to be. After all – what is the point in waiting? We might be dead tomorrow!

Blaming others for our lack of happiness is another excuse for not enjoying the most of what we have now and quite frankly is madness in my view!

Michael Benner talks about “Why Emotional Quotient (EQ) is More Important Than IQ” He says some great things that make a lot of sense to me.

Michael suggests that success is not the way to happiness and love but rather are actually themselves the route to success. He thinks that empowering ourselves to be the love and be the happiness that we seek is the way to lead a successful life. I like that!

Self awareness and self management – social awareness and relationship management are vital. They are how we can appreciate the value of self as well as develop empathy and caring about others. Are these the ways to fulfill our own needs by giving to others what we want to receive?

This philosophy is reflected in many ways in which society has been evolving through our ability to connect to other like minded individuals online. Following our hearts and interests is surely the way to live a great life.

How many successful people do you know who are miserable? I have known plenty! Success and money are not their keys to their own emotional well-being. Question is what are your keys to your happiness? And are you taking responsibility for how you feel about life?

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