We know that if you can’t capture the imagination of those who stroll through the list of blog titles and offer something delectable then people will pass you by and move on to another headline that lures them to investigate their hidden treasures. You have milliseconds to stand out from the crowd and for that reason I feel that it is perhaps worth considering spending as much time thinking about the title of your amazing literary masterpiece as you do on creating the content!

I don’t know about what you think, but I believe that these are key things worth considering:-

  • does it speak to your target audience?
  • does it accurately convey what is in the blog?
  • will it attract attention?
  • does it set the right tone?
  • is it authentically you?
  • does it enhance your reputation?
  • does it demonstrate the value of the content?

What else should we consider?


What makes an eye-catching headline?


The Right Words!

Question is which are the right words for you and what you hope to achieve?

Do your words ….

  • create curiosity?
  • convey something of what is hidden inside?
  • trigger an emotional response?
  • offer some amazing insights?
  • promise something delectable and delicious?
  • challenge people’s thinking?
  • suggest a revelation of an amazingly effective bit of wisdom or a secret never revealed before?

What are the right words

A good title is the ribbons and bow on the wrapping paper of a fantastic present – it hints at something interesting inside. Of course it wouldn’t do much for your reputation if the wrapping is better than the content as people would feel duped and cheated. They would soon learn that your blogs aren’t what they say that they are and they will move on.

Every potential reader will sub-consciously or consciously ask “What’s In It For Me?”

Suggest that the reader can gain something which will enable them to find ways to improve their lives and help them to achieve their ambitions and you will gain attention. This is particularly true if you follow through and deliver content that is valuable.

The challenge with any blog though, is what are you hoping to achieve by writing it in the first place? Does it really add value to your presence online?

What do you think makes a good headline? What gets your attention?

What do you think about when you create your blog titles?

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