Distant horizons beckon. I do not know where I will land if indeed I land in any one place. I yearn for the open road. The moon strokes silver across the waters painting a path to unexplored places. Their beacon-white glow beckons me to new adventures. Two days of intense heat has melted my resolve to clear the house in the next couple of days. I’ve accepted that perhaps I needed to have time to just recalibrate. Too hot to even think right now. Bright clear days of sunshine transition into bright nights. The Milky Way dusts the sky in a broad brushstroke of awe. Looking up at our galaxy makes me feel just how small & insignificant we are. Yet, we are as awesome as that swirling mass of stars stirring the great infinite soup of creation. I love sitting out in the open in the darkness drinking the last cup of tea for the day as I drink in the peace of a moonlit night. A time for reflection. Where is this all leading to? I have a notion to get a minibus & convert it into an art studio camper van. A mobile retreat in which I can write, collate ideas, paint & draw. I stopped looking at ads though as I realised that by doing so, it emphasised my lack of a suitable vehicle to convert. My focus has changed. I now have a map of possibilities. Each pin marks a destination to explore. As people share the stories of their discoveries, I build the vision of what I will feel when I go there myself. Inspired by their tales, I imagine how I’ll choose which way to drive, who to meet & what I will do when I get there. I want to taste, see & smell new experiences. Past phases of letting go has taught me that you can’t get ‘there’ from ‘here’. You can’t get to abundance by focusing on lack. You can’t get to love through hate. You can’t get to peace through anger. You can, however, get to love by expressing love, joy by seeking out joy and peace by feeling immense gratitude for the richness that adorns our lives already. They are signs showing us the way home. .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #choosejoy #findingjoywithin #selflove #gratitude #happy #positivevibes #love #mindfulness #bepresentinthemoment #peace #selfcare #findingpeace #findingjoy #inspiration #sparkjoy #loveyourself https://www.instagram.com/p/CRfErjYpDSs/?utm_medium=tumblr

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