Yes I know! I’ve been unusually quiet. Good reasons for it though. Call it retreat-to-think time which as we know is very necessary to evaluate and reevaluate things in life. It’s called disconnecting to reconnect.

Our ability to connect with like minded souls via the use of social media and it’s various technologies is incredible. It’s inspiring, empowering, uplifting. The hope it nurtures can fuel dreams and ambitions giving them the fire power to become reality. Overnight we can become the superheroes of our era making magic happen as we join the super fast highway of exponential change.

It’s easy to join the slip stream of everyone else’s stories. Feed off their publicised newsfeeds and join the party of polished profiles and public personas. It is a performance of publishing. A dance of words timed to engage with diverse audiences punctuated with hopes of solving the very big problem of getting them to buy into something. Parables are the products of the day designed to show off talents in the very real hope of turning it into hard currency. With any luck it will be enough to play the very real game of life in which hard currency is the currency demanded to pay for the daily necessities of food and shelter.

We can also become the Nightingales nursing woes. We are empowered to fire off words of wisdom at the drop of a hat creating soothing melodies in the maelstrom of madnesses and maladies. Our ability to send healing loving vibes joins the waves of good wishes intended to make this world a better place. Love, kindness and a pay-it-forward ethos is pumped out in the very real hope of turning it into a much softer currency of ‘that-which-makes-life-worth-living’. With any luck it will be enough to play the very real game of life in which love, compassion and empathy are the true currencies required to make us feel loved, safe, fulfilled and at home.

The world is full of information littered with decoys, distractions and diversions. Our journey is scattered by Vegas-style flashing tabloid promises of tear-inducing joys and golden wins. The Universe offers signs and symbols promising to show us the way to our dreams and the answers to life, the world the Universe and everything in between.

Somewhere in this to’ing and fro’ing between working to pay the bills and finding the joyful moments in love and laughter there speaks a voice of truth. Your voice of truth. Which stories are your stories? Which parables echo the words in your heart? Which obstacles are traps to impede your progress? Which are the lessons you need to learn to help you reach a successful conclusion? Which signs are the ones meant just for you?

That is where I have been. Sitting with me and me alone listening to what my heart has to say. My soul has had a few words to express too. I learned a long time ago, where the head rules the day, the heart is broken and needs to be fixed. Time out to disconnect from the noise of the outside world helps you to hear the whispers of what lies within and connect to the heart of you. And it really matters. It is those whispers that lead to the richest offerings that life has to give. When the heart is healed and heard, the head must follow.

Here’s to disconnecting to reconnect. I highly recommend it. Nothing like a bit of peace and quiet to gain a bit of clarity. It leads you to you.

Happy 2015. May it be a year full of an abundance love and laughter with a infinite supply of successes and rewards for all your best intentions.


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