I love the notion of ideas having the properties of organisms and having incredible spreading power and the ability to leap from one idea generating machine to another – brilliant. As for ideas having sex? Well there’s an interesting thought! Perhaps it will breed? Perhaps it has already bred? I was introduced to Jason Silva a few weeks ago and thought that I would share this discovery here – you never know, his thoughts might catch on and have a positive influence on more than just me!

RADICAL OPENNESS for TEDGlobal by @Jason_Silva

Ideas – the new replicators born from the primordial soup of human culture? Brilliant! And it all stems from people, language and imagination.

I have often been intrigued by the idea that humans are probably the only species that can store information and knowledge outside of themselves. That is quite an awesome thought don’t you think?

Is it any wonder then just why technology has had such a massive impact on the development of society? And I don’t think we have even really started either.

The way in which technology speeds up the transmission of thought making ideas even more contagious than before is incredible. When you combine that with people around the world following a philosophy of enabling a free flow and free exchange of ideas – that really does get to be awesome. In fact that is mind-blowingly awesome. We have absolutely no idea what can possibly happen next – none whatsoever.

There is one thing that you cannot possibly say about Jason Silva is that he does not lack enthusiasm. I find his exuberance quite contagious.

The question I have is do we have the capacity to be able to push out the boundaries of possibility far enough to get a glimpse of what can be achieved? I am not sure that we can even begin to conceive of what we are going to witness in the coming years. What do you think?

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