I am fascinated how art is a wonderful way to understand collaboration. I particularly like watching those who work in performance and film where there can be a huge team working towards a common goal of creating a single art event. Every one has a vital role to play and if the cogs of the whole machine work well together the result is a wonderful dance of synchronicity and synergy ultimately producing a truly magnificent spectacle.

As an onlooker, the best performances transport us to another world. We are unaware of the component parts that make the whole. Whilst we might not know of the different roles that people play, take one of them away and the magic is lost and we begin to notice the clunking of the the machine as it chugs away to its grinding conclusion.

Watching this video got me thinking got me thinking about what we can learn from this skill of working with others in a big and wonderful team. Also, what can businesses learn from this too?

My main takeaways:-

When the world is in turmoil, artists make you feel good.

A master good at his craft will ultimately make you feel good regardless of whether his art is found in music, painting, performance or in the apparently seemingly less expressive worlds of finance, business or making the world a better place. Even when someone challenges you, their ultimate goal is to make you feel good.

Meeting people feels natural and organic. So it is just natural to take it to the next level.

There should never be a sense of doing the hard sell. A working relationship is either going to work or it isn’t. There is no need to force anything. Just go with the flow.

The Groove is everything. It’s spiritual. It’s primal. It’s intellectual. It’s physical. You feel it.

Getting in ‘The Groove’ with your business or your project means that you don’t just intellectualise about it, you ffeeelll it. Some of our best work is done when we can truly immerse ourselves into the whole and we can function on all levels. True collaboration happens when everyone can get into The Groove.

Take the secondary or support role away and the melody goes away.

Everyone is important regardless of what role they play. Just as the *First Follower* is vital to make a leader what they are, so too are the ones who support and provide back up for those who stand in the front line.

Go back to go forward.

Just because something is passe does not mean that it cannot transcend to a new and higher level. Dismiss the gold of the past and you dismiss the opportunity for gold in the future.

One time events.

Every project is a ‘one time event’. It is up to us to keep every part of it interesting and take it on to the next level. Whilst we may play one song many times, each and every time it is going to be different as it captures the spirit of the moment. Even if we know that it can happen again, we should treat every one as being the once in a lifetime opportunity to manifest our maximum potential.

The ultimate ….

We make each other better. The smooth cool voice that leads is supported by someone who ‘keeps it interesting’ making both leader and supporter better than what they are on their own.

Magic happens when the right people come together to immerse themselves in the right project. We all become better working collaboratively than when we strive to work on our own.

And from this I draw these conclusions….

We need to get to the heart and soul of our businesses and find the stories that get to why we do what we do. Then we need to openly share them with the outside world.

I’d like us allow each other to immerse into our respective worlds and feel the meaning of who we can be. I want us to let The Groove happen so that we can tap into all levels of what we do – the physical, the primal, the intellectual and the spiritual. I want to help you to find YOUR leading voice that tells your stories whilst I play that supporting role that keeps things interesting. Ultimately, I’d like us to work together so that we can become better than we were before.

People are in desperate need to feel good. They are hungry for stories. They are hungry for connection. They are hungry for purpose and meaning. Regardless of whether our encounters with them is a one time moment passing through the social networks of the world or we are engaged in a life-long relationship, our objectives should be to help people achieve that.

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