Most people have the best of intentions at heart in what they do. There are good people everywhere. I tired of the same regurgitated news broadcasts long ago, especially the ones that focused on the doom that promoted an Armageddon destiny of disaster.

Random Acts of Kindness movements remind us that it is the little things that matter. Whilst most of us do not need to be prompted to be kind it is good hearing of the unique stories that have made a significant impact and made a difference however seemingly small.

Social media is connecting us on another level entirely. Trust, openness, generosity and a desire for peaceful collaboration and cooperation is becoming increasingly contagious. I like that.

I can’t help thinking that Coca Cola are doing a great job in connecting with their audience. As Robert Craven has highlighted, in a competition that had Alan Rae on the panel of judges “Innocent Drinks has stolen Dell’s crown as the king of social media”. And in case you didn’t know Coca Cola bought a stake in Innocent back in 2009!

I think that they are getting social media better than most – what do you think?r


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