I am thinking about the issue that I will be taking to the Bristol Boardroom next week. Essentially I am looking at redesigning a project which so far has proven its worth but actually has considerable potential that could be explored further. To manifest that potential though I feel that it needs a complete rethink to really make any significant headway into a substantial project that brings in a decent income.

For years tradition says that you have to do a business plan and cash-flow forecast – invariably from a bog standard template and invariably for the bank or for funding applications. In reality though we know that once they have served their purpose (i.e. getting the money,) they end up being shoved in the back of the cupboard to gather dust until the next massive clear-out shredding day. I want to do something a lot more constructive and useful than that.

Listening to other people’s business issues in the Boardrooms over the last couple of years I have learned a great deal about other business models including the more modern approach collaborative partners and associates. I am now very aware that what I had planned previously could be vastly improved. A new approach might mean that I have to start from scratch which is fine if the end result proves worth it.

So, my questions – for anyone and for any business – are there essential building blocks which can universally be applied to any business plan?

Do you actually think that it is possible to set up a business and get it to ‘success’ status within a year?

Is there a model which you think is better than any others?

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