How many of us have a clear idea in our minds of our ideal customer? How many of us take the next bit of business that comes our way just because ……… it came our way? How many times have we considered that we have no choice but to accept any business that we get because after all business is business and money is money?

As with many people, I have ricocheted from one word-of-mouth client to the another. Personal recommendations have been fantastic and the general approach of ‘going with the flow’ has served me very well. It has resulted in meeting and working with some incredible people which if I had tried to orchestrate myself would probably have never happened.

Now however, I have decided that I would like to control the process a little better. I have a couple of projects coming to a close and I would like to pro-actively seek out my ideal client. I thought that it would be rather fun to go through this process with a little help from one or two other people. My hope is of course, that others can share their journey of choosing to work with people with whom they have a lot in common and so making the work so much more enjoyable.

My offerings:-

Marketing mentoring in various ‘packages’ in which I offer guidance with anything related to marketing products and services. The packages come in different sizes – of course! They range from premium bespoke mentoring to the more affordable group offering which has a more prescribed schedule of activities. All levels are designed to take any business through any stage of their marketing – off-line material through to on-line activities which embrace the best of 21st Century internet technologies. The higher the price the more input they get from me and the more intense the involvement.

The 1-2-1 element of the mentoring, especially the bespoke package means that we will get up close and personal and it therefore one of my pre-requisites is that we must be able to get on well.

The person I think that I am looking for:-

I love to work with people who have a real hunger for learning and a real driving passion for what they do. Their energy and enthusiasm is very important.

With my history of working in the arts, film, luxury and fashion I have come to accept that I can probably bring more to businesses with a creative interest than any other although I do not exclude anything or anyone doing anything interesting.

Someone who is able to afford my services might be someone working at a higher level in their industry. More importantly a person who is willing to work really very hard at doing all that is required to get the results that they need.

The ideal person might perhaps be someone who is well established but has not yet got their online marketing in line with their status in their industry. That might be a gallery owner, film producer/maker, photographer or someone who runs a theatre, retail outlet, film company, or manufacturer of quality high end products.

But is this enough? What other ‘ideals’ should I include in my ‘perfect customer’ profile? How do you find the customers who really are a joy to work with?

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