Marketing Consultancy

With over thirty years of being in business and working with a variety of entrepreneurs, I have developed a holistic approach to marketing and business development. I seek to incorporate down-to-earth practical experience and expertise as well as my well honed intuition to take businesses on to the next level to achieving their goals.

Marketing is about defining the unique voice of the business and the people within it reflecting its purpose, ethos and values. It is not about flashy brochures and fancy strategies, it is about authenticity, people connections and providing amazing customer experiences.

We can create the smartest and most sophisticated marketing plan in the world however if it is not in alignment with the life purpose of the individuals and if it does not reflect the true values and ethos of the business then it is guaranteed to fail to get the results you need. My job is to help create an authentic marketing strategy that has the power to reach those who need exactly what you offer.

The aims are to design something that is innovative, creative and exciting ensuring that you incorporate superlatively brilliant customer experiences which keep people coming back for more and telling their friends about you too. Ensuring that the company is making effective use of social media is a part of the plan as is incorporating the best of the elements that are already working well.

Through a series of 1-2-1 and group sessions together we create a bespoke strategy that supports the needs of the business and the key players implementing marketing and business development. This might include a combination of discovery days, exploration and creativity workshops, 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring, mastermind groups and evaluation days to keep things on track. The aims are to create a sustainable way to evolve the marketing efficiently and effectively as the business evolves and grows.

If you would like to gain further clarity about your business then please do get in touch for an informal chat about your aims and objectives.


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