Late last night I decided to post a blog about my quest to find new middle men to act as agents and advocates for our luxury and bespoke clothes for women.

I didn’t anticipate getting a huge interaction with the members on Ecademy – but then that was not my intention. The idea of putting the blog up was to start a conversation with a few key people in an attempt to find just one or two who would ‘get’ what I was trying to do.

Then I had a look at our website statistics. The online shop was only launched a couple of months ago and already it is doing incredibly well with the search engines and with the email marketing that we have been doing. It is well on its way to not only pay for itself but replace the many other alternative routes that have up until now served us very well. Whilst the visitor numbers are still relatively low compared to how I see it being in the future – it is still doing ok.

Last month in the list of referring sites, Ecademy accounted for just 0.1% of visits brought to us.

I added a link in my profile and adjusted my signature and yesterday the percentage was a little bit more.

Post the blog and things begin change rather dramatically and that is only after just a few short hours.

Today it accounts for over 61% of all referred visitors to the site.

That is an impressive improvement! Especially as that improvement has happened in just a few hours!

Whilst I realise that those visitors are going to be a mix of people who are going to pop in for a huge variety of reasons, I know that I only need one person to get what I am about and it will reap rewards.

There will be the internet marketers who want to check out the competition. There will be the Ecademy members who will want to see who is doing what and where. There will be the rubber-neckers who want to snoop about to see what all the fuss is about and there will be people who will be looking to see if they can sell me something.

But as I say it only takes one of those visitors to like what I am doing, want to jump on board and join me on my journey and Ecademy has done its job.

Let me add a few more figures to illustrate how good this is. We have put links to the new online shop on several of our other websites – approximately a dozen plus we are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our main website gets on average around 12-20,000 visitors per month and they view anything around 36,000 pages. The site is found using nearly 3000 search phrases most of which are what I deem useful key phrases. This means that if any of these sites refer visitors to the shop – they are more likely to be interested in knowing more because they have been through the ‘filter’ if you like of having gone through our other sites.

They should be at the top of our referring visitor lists – but they are not – Ecademy is and that is just after just one day of posting a blog.

Ecademy sadly no longer exists however there are other sites which are getting some interesting results with regard to helping us to increase visitors to our websites. One such blogging/article site I would recommend is The Societal Web. If you would like more information then please do get in touch.

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