I came to the conclusion a long time ago having spent a lifetime working in a “bespoke luxury fashion business” that the only way to make a success of our online presence is to think bespoke, think personalised and think how your branding image represents the essence of you. Bespoke personal branding is the answer! It is vital to treat ourselves like any other client and create a bespoke and very personal online branding strategy which is totally aligned with who we are and what we do. It needs to be customised to suit our individual needs and preferences regardless of whether we need to be online for personal, business or corporate reasons.

Bespoke = tailor made to suit personal and business needs

When it comes to getting your online presence right – one size DOES NOT fit all.

Browsing habits, daily routines, work obligations, family constraints as well as use of mobile devices, computers and preferences for various sites and platforms all play a part. Then you need to think networking, interests, personality traits and learning styles. Each ingredient will have an impact on how we embrace the digital era enabling us to create an effective social media strategy. You need to think bespoke!

Customise your portfolio of platforms and hand pick the tools to create a kit to work specifically for you. It is about finding the things that you need to help you comfortably and effortlessly develop a digital mindset with digital habits that make sense to you.

Being Social means getting up close and personal. Listen, connect, share – demonstrate who you are and why do you what you do – in a way that is right for you.

People have an innate curiosity about people. We all want to know the stories that reveal our uniqueness. Big or small. Entrepreneur or corporate executive. Intimate, intelligent and human – people need to connect with people. Personal or corporate values, shared beliefs, interests, aims and ambitions – every pertinent detail illustrate how you and your company’s ethos equates with those personal interests of the ones you want to reach.

How personal are you willing and able to be?

Be daring. Be bold. Think about what you really stand for and stand out from the crowd. Understanding your niche sectors and sharing personal interests allows you to create the right connections to have the most interesting conversations. Social media platforms allow us to engage with our customers with authenticity in a way never before possible.

What matters most to you that will encourage you to share your personal story? What message do you want to tell the world about you and what your company offers? How can you inspire others to follow you and find out more?

Creating your personal, company or corporate branding to identify you as the leading light in your arena.

It’s all about perceptions and impressions. Careful strategic positioning of your online brand helps you to nurture a positive view of what your business is about. Identify and define your (corporate) brand image, protect brand credibility and reputation and this will enable you to build much needed trust with clients, partners and suppliers alike.

We all seek more business and aim to deliver value. Our task is to create a powerful online presence with authority to be able to attract attention of those we seek. The aim would be to consistently provide ways in which we can control how your brand is perceived.

So think about what does your online presence and branding say about you and your company? What message does your branding need to convey to your customers?

Ultimately all of our efforts in creating our online presence should be customised to suit our individual and business needs whilst effectively demonstrate our core values, passions, interests, strengths and attributes.

So how are you customising your bespoke personal social media strategy to ensure that your online branding represents you and all that you stand for?

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