We know that life is a major balancing act. In a fast world there is a great deal to think about and a vast amount to do. With massive input from those around us we have to somehow pick our way through the maze of life and choose the right path that enables us to keep everything carefully balanced.

Media bombardment, the exponential expansion of the internet, development of technologies, and so on, they are all clamouring for our attention. There are many things demanding many things from us but the question is how are we supposed to maintain the balance and ensure that we are empowered to offer the best that we have to give?

Much of what we learn in later life is often missing from the “Manual for LIFE” that has been handed down the generations. This performance is an inspiring demonstration of balance. Delicate. Magic. Magical. Awe-inspiring.

How does balance effect business and our ability to succeed?

What little things are the linchpins that help to maintain a sustainable and balanced existence?

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