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Creating your ideal client profile is vital to help you to grow your business effectively. After all without customers you have no business.  This guide will help you to develop ways of finding the most perfect and delicious customers that are hungry for what you have to offer.

This will help you to begin to develop the foundation for creating an effective strategy for marketing and promoting your business. It  embraces the best of offline and online marketing using tools and resources appropriate for your business.

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    This isn’t about learning the latest snazziest craze in internet marketing techniques, this is about embracing the best of what you know about your most delightful customers and finding ways to serve their needs in the most delicious ways possible. After all without customers you have no business.

    The guide acts as a checklist to inspire you to go on a quest and really get to know who you are working with and what makes their heart sing. It takes you step by step in building up a very vivid and alive image of who they are, the synergies that lie between you and how you can connect and communicate with them. This focus in itself also acts as a means for the world and the Universe to really understand who are the ideal clients that make your own heart sing knowing that they fully appreciate the true value of the uniqueness in what you offer.

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