Autumnal fire blazes across the garden. The early morning sun bellows shafts of sharp light into flaming trees. There is a quality to the light that ignites the soul. It makes you want to breathe deeply taking the crisp air into the depths of your lungs, right down to the tips of your toes.

Gold leaves drift slowly to the ground chased by invisible spiralling streamers. They make me pause to acknowledge a sense of completion.

The journey has been a much longer one than the tumultuous times we have witnessed recently. They have been the culmination of many choices made long ago.

This has been about how to surrender.

To trust.

To allow the Universe to guide us along the path of least resistance.

The vision remains true. The divine satnav has got us thus far in the most efficient way possible. Some aspects have been more challenging than others. However, we cannot deny that we have passed some stupendous milestones in a very short period of time.

Meetings planned for the new year beckon with light, enthusiasm and fun. Conscious, awakened and deliberate, I see adventures in community, collaboration, consciousness, leadership, connection, creativity and innovation. I can’t wait to paint more pictures of what else I can see.

On the weekend, the wind stripped the trees bare. They stand naked and exposed. Their sap has already retreated deep into the soil as we too step into winter. Deep rest and recuperation is needed to restore body and soul as we prepare for the new era to begin.

Spring will bring sun-opened windows and doors, deep cleaning and shoots of new growth.

For now though, as any good gardener, we will enjoy creating the framework and preparing ground for what is yet to come.

The shifting weather paints rainbows across our new views. Jewels rise up from the corner of the garden painting the vision of the phoenix yet to rise.

Or is it rising already?


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