Autumn is full of such incredibly vibrant contrasts. Bright, sunny and crisp or dark rain-soaked, days swing from one contrast to the other with plenty of variables in between. But either way the trees glitter with rain-bejewelled gold, ruby and amber made all the more vibrant by a backdrop of soft grey skies and the brilliant greens of grasses that have had a last burst of growth before winter sets in. It always fascinates me how the tropics are often portrayed with dazzling jewel colours and our British landscapes are seen in very much softer and more muted tones but there is an abundance of colour here. Sometimes there is more colour here, including a greater variety of colour and time than many tropical places. Driving through jungle landscapes of South East Asia all I could see was swathes of green on green with highlights of even more green. It makes me wonder whether it is more to do with a state of mind. #colour #autumncolours #colourofthemind #abundance #consciousness #positivity

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