Associate Apprenticeship Programme Overview

This is a twelve month programme that requires dedication and commitment. It has been created to incorporate a portfolio of offerings designed to support Associates in setting up and running their business from the start. The following is an outline of what is included. For further details please apply for more information.

Course & Training

The course is focused on learning the mindful marketing methodologies and conscious business development. We will also include other elements as a part of our holistic approach to helping associates develop their own practice. This may at times include experts from other fields.

  • Personal empowerment & leadership skills
  • Coaching and mentoring techniques
  • Developing and growing your own business
  • Marketing and promoting your niche business

Course Materials

  • All course materials, tests and worksheets provided in digital format online
  • Access to library of tools and templates

Personal coaching and mentoring

Regular monthly personal coaching/mentoring sessions with Georgina Lester

  • Your personal business focus
  • Your voice and purpose
  • Working with or around blocks and obstacles
  • Manifesting your highest potential
  • Manifesting business potential


  • Minimum of 12 Online workshops/mastermind sessions
  • 12 Group coaching/personal development circles
  • Additional self directed online course modules
  • Invitation to join exclusive offline retreats & workshops
  • Peer to peer support groups



Online secret group for

  • Peer to peer support
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • Mutual promotion
  • Ongoing development
  • Confidential discussions
  • Membership of Conscious Enterprise Network.

Marketing and Promotion

As Apprentices, you will automatically be included in the

  • Online directory of Associate Apprentices until such time as you are certified as an Associate
  • Marketing and social media promotional activities


Fully functioning website with

  • WordPress content management system
  • Social sharing options
  • Social media following integration
  • Email optin subscription module
  • Blogging platform
  • Contact form
  • Magnum Opus Apprentice Associate branding


Assessment is continual throughout the programme. It is our intentions to work with individuals very closely to ensure that each member is able to focus help them fulfil their dreams and ambitions by serving their chosen specific niche market.


Candidates who consistently reach high levels of excellence throughout the course will become Licensed Associates. Each participant will be closely guided to ensure that they are getting the most out of the programme.


It is expected that Associates take part in the following:-

  • Continual professional development opportunities
  • Participate in the mastermind groups & development circles
  • Engage in the online community offering their peers support and encouragement


To ensure consistency of service and to support the Associates and Brand Ambassadors there will be regular offerings including retreats, training and social gatherings to support each member of the team of Associates.

After graduation, there will be an annual license fee which entitles Licensed Associates to take part in various events and activities as well as have access to resources specifically for Associates to use in their own business as well as in supporting their clients.

  • Have access to discounted coaching and mentoring
  • Be invited to exclusive retreats and events dedicated to Ambassadors and ASsociates
  • Retain access to the library of templates, tools and resources
  • Be included in the Associate Directory
  • Set up and run their own mastermind groups and development circles.
  • Use the Magnum Opus branding

Social Impact Projects

As a part of promoting the values and ethos of Magnum Opus Associates, it is expected that the team would take part in supporting social impact projects that reflect the values of the programme. This might include marketing marathons, hackathons or crowdsourcing solutions which support worthwhile innovative projects.

As an Associate, you have the opportunity to propose projects which matter to you. Projects will be chosen by the team voting for their preferred project.

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