If you are then perhaps you can help me?

I have been doing a bit of research about this phrase that we hear quite a bit but I am surprised at how little information that I could find that offers any real value supporting those going through a major change in their lives – at least not easily! I do not come from a corporate world and although I do know many who have gone through the transition very successfully I can still only guess at what it must be like.

I am beginning to wonder what other phrases that might refer to those who have left the ‘safety’ of a fully pensioned employed life in the corporate world. I have found all sorts of words that talk about redundancy, job loss, being disillusioned and unemployed — all very negative in my view but there just seems that there is something missing but I don’t know what it is!

I am interested in hearing about the words used to describe those who either struck out on their own through their own choice or were forced to change by circumstance.

Perhaps I am searching for the wrong thing in the wrong places?

It is clear from some of the articles that it can be an immense roller coaster for many people going through this massive change. The life transforming transition going from paid regular work to the uncertainty of being unemployed or self-employed is clearly an important issue.

Having known many people who have gone from one world to another, for the most part they have made a choice to leap into a new life driven by the excitement and the inspiration of new challenges. I have not known many who have been driven to self-employment forced into a new life through some down-sizing policy.

What other words or phrases are used to described someone going through this type of change?

What does this change mean anyway?

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