Button beltWhen I sit and make something by hand I will invariably call it “organised fidgeting” but actually that is an unfair description because I do actually have a huge range of crafts skills that I have accumulated over the years.

However, what I do, does not seem to be the norm – or am I just not getting out enough?

Occasionally I will see evidence of the rebirth of traditional skills especially when it comes to the rural crafts that people are now seeming to crave so much.

Taking our society back to the age old traditions of recycling has taken on a new meaning and as such can only do us good in the long run. It is not only financially rewarding in making use of old things but it is good for our soul to have a hobby and past time that makes us sit quietly and do something that hones our practical skills.

The younger generations are often accused of being too engrossed in their cyber world – but are they all like this? My daughter has many friends who love making jam, or take pride in growing their own vegetables. The fact that they used to sing latin songs around the camp fire might well be an indication of their upbringing, interests and intelligence but should this matter or even be relevant?

This level of intellect and appreciation might not be witnessed everywhere in this country but should we really condemn the youth of today to the view that they are all so obsessed with modern gadgetry and labour saving devices that they will perpetually be unable to grasp the simple concepts of crafts skills honed over a long period of time?

Do their parents celebrate their craftsmanship? Or is it down to the silver haired brigade who are enjoying time from work to immerse themselves in painstakingly creating a hand crafted item?

Do you see any evidence of hand crafted taking precedence over mass produced in a way that has struck you as being particularly unique and interesting? Is the art of hand crafted, traditional crafts experiencing a renaissance?

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