What you see around you is a part of every day life. It is familiar. Known. Understood. Techniques and products that you have developed over the years are an expected consequence of a natural evolution. ideas progress as they are nurtured by inspiration and experience. To you there is no mystery. It is common sense. You can see the time-line of development tracking the history and the stories. You understand how the component parts of the machine interlock with cogs as they turn and the whole moves in a dance of synchronicity and elegant motion. To you there is no magic -just moving parts that make something happen.

To the outside world, all they see are the results of your creations. They have no concept of the ideas driving your innovations. They have no understanding of how your mind has transformed notions into practical solutions. Your history, life experiences, the things you witness not to mention your genetic make-up and personality traits all combine to create something perfectly unique and unusual.

Each element influences thoughts, emotions and actions. Each is a component part of the whole. However to the outside world, all they see is the results of your influences not the influences themselves.

To the outside world, you and what you create are a mystery. There is magic in what you do. Baring all leaves nothing to the imagination. If we hold a little back the unseen triggers curiosity and desire.

To sell more we need to capitalise on mystery. Spend time finding out what people cannot see and try to imagine the picture that you paint for them. Create ‘wows’. Hint at the possibilities. Divert the onlookers from the toils and the many tests and errors that have sculpted what you do today. Focus instead on the time-honed skills and expertise that makes you stand out and put on a great show.

Develop the art of display putting the finished product in the window with the workshop visible behind. Your audience may have some experience of some of the tools and materials that you use, but they will not have the talents nor the inspirations that fast-track you to perfect solutions. This is where the value resides.

Realise that you are the magical ingredient that brings those many component parts together and creates the work of art that has the pwoer to amaze, delight and surprise. It is that unique and mysterious combination that transports your clients to another state and another world. The value is in the mystery just because people cannot create that magic for themselves.

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