Another painting experimenting with the Sennelier oil sticks. Inspired by sea views of Carmarthanshire rather than actual views, this is another doodle just getting a feel for what these oil bars do. Oil bars develop a skin when left to sit. I think that you’re supposed to peel them off but I’ve purposely incorporated them into the texture of the paint. Not sure if this is finished or not. I’ll see how I feel about it in a few days.

I love colour and I especially love the iridescent effect that you get with layers of oil paints. There’s a richness to them that I just can’t seem to get with any other medium.

I’m definitely finding playing with paint relaxing and very grounding in between building a new business and trying to organise a mountain of stuff. It’s a very fine sort of self care that restores body and soul.

Remembering the peace I feel by the sea also helps.
30cm x 40cm oil on canvas

#consciousart #mindfulrelaxation #playingwithpaint #oilpaintingoncanvas #seascapepainting #blue

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