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Jun 11, 2017 | Business Coaching, Personal Coaching, Testimonials

I found my session with Georgina to be quite a unique experience. To witness someone else manifesting one’s own blockages and issues in such a physical way was initially a bit disconcerting but also fascinating. I felt it truly showed the level of empathic connection that Georgina has when she is working. The feedback and information I received was both affirming and encouraging and since then I have found myself to be able to approach things in a lighter and freer way. Thank you, Georgina!

Kate Gold – Visionary Artist and Teacher

Kate’s priority for the day was to gain some clarity over where to focus her time, energy and resources to take her closer to doing what she loves. Kate wants to share her gifts primarily through sharing the process of Intentional Creativity and ultimately make this her primary source of income. Selling her art as well would be an added bonus.

Our session was very definitely split into personal and business. We discussed both her current situation and her marketing needs for her business.

We talked quite a bit about her website, how it was set out and studied the different offers she was promoting to sell her work. We looked at relatively simple ways to get people engaged more with her offerings. I provided some very simple but practical options which she could use improve her website to get people signing up for more information. The aims of these changes would be to give her the opportunity to offer a variety of possibilities for people to work with her.

When Kate first contacted me, there was a real feeling of untapped potential and very much a hidden light. Listening to her story, it was easy to understand why – life is full of interesting twists, turns and challenges. When she started to talk about her time in France I suddenly could feel that I was able to breathe and realised that this was a reflection of how Kate might feel when she is there. Then when she started to talk about her retreats, there was a veritable beacon of light and joy around her that felt amazing. It is clear that her real work lights her up and she has a very definite role to play in helping individuals on their journey of transformation and healing. She has a talent that needs to be seen and experienced.


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