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Jun 1, 2017 | Business Coaching, Personal Coaching, Testimonials

Georgina is a rare find; a combination of business acumen, intuition and soulful attention to the undercurrents moving the challenges I face. She uses these skills with a light touch, and shed light so I can see the way forward in my business.
I’ve had experience with coaches offering information that is cookie-cutter and not appropriate to me or my business. But Georgina’s willingness to be present and engage with the juicy parts was remarkable. Her openness and integrity shone through and I was able to place the situation in her hands with full disclosure, which she met with respect and creativity. In a very short time Georgina enabled me to move forward to a different level.
Kate Codrington – Kate Codrington Online
Kate Codrington Massage

Kate’s challenge was that she is running multiple projects and it was a question of whether to let go of her online marketing courses to focus on her primary career as a massage therapist. The challenge was that her online business could offer her a longer term income stream once she decided to step back from the massage work.

It was abundantly clear that Kate is a multi-talented, intelligent, sensitive and creative individual with great style and flair. She has a very clear understanding how to market therapy businesses. Her courses appeared straightforward and very useful. It seemed a shame to let this site go if it has the potential to make a difference to therapists and practitioners who are looking for something inspiring, colourful and perhaps a little more quirky and interesting than the very dull marketing stuff ordinarily available. Kate is far from dull! Definitely an interesting nerdy fairy-godmother! 🙂

It became apparent that by shifting the focus from one of doing things just because she can, to a more aligned pursuit of joy, then there was actually no need to let anything go. The strategy became apparent of its own accord, to focus on doing the bits that she loves, outsource the rest and in the meantime she can continue enjoying her healing work and perhaps her art as well.


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