Bright marketing colours to energise and inspire

Welsh Poppies in a field near the sea in Camarthenshire

Colour plays such an important part of our lives and yet how many of us actually think about why it is so important? How much do you think about the significance of colour in your work or in business?
There is colour everywhere and where would we be without it? The ever changing colour of sky and the universe surrounding us? The myriad of colours of the earth and all that exists on it? The extraordinary array of colours of people, their expressions of their individuality, culture, status as well as their hopes and dreams?

We live in a world full of colourful individuals as diverse and as infinite as colour itself. Connecting dots, comparing shades that contrast and complement, people connect attracted by the colour of what they see in others. Subtle, vibrant, expressive – each to their own as each is their own

What colour are emotions? Our passions? What shade are inspirations? Aspirations?

Reflections of mood or as statements of where we think we belong, we choose colours that have meaning or perhaps just feel right. Sad if we choose colours to conform to show we belong or to rebel fighting against the norms.

The clothes we wear, the colour settings on our computer, the boxes we select on profiles and websites, the colours we choose for our homes and working spaces what do they all mean? How much do we think about what might uplift our mood? Inspire and energise or increase productivity? Calm and placate inducing sleep and tranquility? How much do you think about colour with your image, your brand, your business? Do your colours inspire confidence and trust?

Colours can kill other colours draining the life out of the otherwise vital hues which if shifted to sit alongside other tones they would sparkle and glow.

Colours of clothes can drain the life out of people too or make them shine and smile. Yet some will choose to wear a uniform to fit in rather than what is right for them, their complexion and personality.

How much do you do that in business? How much do you choose colours to fit in with the marketing norms? How much do you use colour to express who you really are both professionally and personally?

bright and vibrant marketing colours to inspire

Buddleia and bug – picture taken in my garden


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