Mark Llewelyn Evans LondonThe first time I heard him sing was probably the worst environment to showcase anything resembling talent. Despite that Mark Llewelyn Evans’ exceptional stunning voice shone through from the first note. An impromptu serenading of two newly-wed friends, he sang to our little group in the corner of a very large crowded restaurant, without backing musicians, amidst the chaotic cacophony of chefs clanking pans and bashing chopping boards, amid hoards of hungry people clinking glasses and tap dancing cutlery on incredibly loud plates. It was a miracle that any of us were able to get any sense of his vocal skills at all.

Where others cannot reach …..

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much as a result not because I thought that he was likely to lack talent but purely because the circumstances were so much against anyone performing for us. But somehow tendrils of his sumptuous voice wove their way through the incongruous orchestration of party noises and touched me in a way that I really did not anticipate. It definitely got my attention and being the fussy whatsit that I am, that in itself is impressive. I could see from the mesmerised expressions of others within our party that I wasn’t the only one eagerly listening to the richness of his baritone tones stroking our inner senses into life.

Since that time his recordings have given me a much better experience of the multilayered nuances of his subtly brilliant but powerfully resonant vocalisation of what it is to feel the joys and pains of life. There is a power to his voice that has such a rare quality about it that you can’t help but take notice.

“A powerful voice, solid and scary-good.”

~ James Gereben in The San Francisco Post

Nick Patrick, Grammy Award Winning Producer who produced Mark’s album “This Guy’s In Love” recognises this saying of him

“Rich, sensual vocal tones that you hear very rarely. He has that rare gift that makes him a star.”

The Family of Mark Llewelyn Evans Fans

His music clearly means a great deal to him as do his fans. Affectionately known as the Devils, he treats them with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the care and attention they show him. Every single one of them matters. A bit of a hero really who never takes his audiences for granted but instead wants to take them on a journey and make a difference.

Relationships are being forged daily amongst the Devils as they quickly feel the embrace of what they describe as the MARK effect. It’s more than just liking an artist, it’s about belonging to something special and much of that stems from the way in which Mark genuinely connects with people himself.

Many have traveled VAST distances to not only hear him sing but to be in his presence and feel the entirety of emotions of his performances. Several listen to his albums day and night, every day drawing comfort from hearing his voice.

Come experience him live in London on 20th June. Book NOW while you can.

Mark’s last concert in London quickly sold out and with a busy schedule of radio interviews, charity fundraisers, international performances and private concerts, the opportunities to get to hear him live are no where near plentiful enough. This may be your last chance for a while.

The next performance is Friday 20th June at the St. James Theatre studio, 8pm. I am not sure when his next public appearance is likely to be here in Europe.

Please BOOK NOW!

What’s next?

The future for Mark is surely destined to be an exciting one. His talent has to be shared. Having had the privilege of enjoying some time with him, I know that there are exciting hints of what’s next. In his movie debut Mark played Don Giovanni in Guy Richie’s Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows alongside Robert Downy Jr. and Jude Law. Wouldn’t it be fab if his multi-skilled talents were put to use in more of the same.

This is one special guy who has something extraordinary to offer the world. Described by many as being as UK’s most exciting cross over artist there is plenty of potential to explore. Perhaps there will be more film roles for him. Maybe the new collection of songs he is rehearsing now will end up as a part of another album – sooner rather than later please. The only thing to do is to follow him and watch him closely. Who knows what gems are around the corner for us.

What the fans say …

“Mark has a soothing rich baritone voice and he is sooooo….wicked.”

~ Sharon Hughes

“Veritable genius with a love song…any song; the voice takes you to places only found in the deepest of dreams and desires. Wouldn’t fly thousands of miles to hear anyone else!!”

~ Susie Smith – Albuquerque New Mexico

“….wraps me in a warm hug every time I listen….which is often all day non-stop xx”

~ Lilian Evans – Blackpool

“…..wonderful voice, great performer, always gives 110% AND he gives precious time to his fans – he’s not bad looking either ! x”

~Elieen Roberts

The first time I heard his voice was on twitter -“Tell My Father” with the Welsh Guard. I experienced a visceral response to the rich tones of his voice that persist to this day. However, as wonderful as his recordings are, it does not prepare one for that glorious baritone one hears in person.

~ Carole Otero, New Mexico


 Mark Llewelyn EvansAbout Mark Llewelyn Evans
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“Tell My Father
” video


“This Guy’s In Love”
“Let the Light In”
“Tell My Father” and “Men of Harlech”


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